Five Things You Must Do Today To win Your Customers’ Goodwill in 2017

By Smart Emmanuel
1 Call to wish them happy new year Instead of SMS – Customer feel loved when you call him or her than when you send bulk SMS. In fact, people are tired of receiving bulk text messages because they constitute nuisance to them. Just put a voice to it by calling each and every one of the people who patronised you this year and see how magical they will return and remain loyal next year.
2 Give gifts- As the year comes to a close today, make sure you give both old and new customers a branded item that carries the name and contact details of your company as gift. No matter how cheap it looks, customers will always appreciate it and by so doing, you are creating TOP OF THE MIND for your brand. You can give the gifts from today if you have not started and extend it to about February 2017.
3 Give incentives- You can reduce your prices with some percentage even if it is for a day or two, it won’t hurt your bottom-line if properly executed.
4 Invite your customers to end of the year or New Year parties- Don’t just send an SMS invite, give them a call. If possible, the Managing Director should do the calling personally so as to show the customers that they are very important.
5 Make sure you take personal details of the customers who are willing to drop them- Birthdays, wedding anniversaries etc. surprise them with gifts on their special days. The gift does not necessarily have to be expensive; people value the THOUGHT behind the GIFT and not the WORTH of the GIFT.
Have a strategic 2017. Hopping to see you flourish in the New Year 2017.



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