Why You Must Be an Entrepreneur or You Die A Pauper

By Smart Emmanuel
Tell me someone who has become a millionaire by working for someone and I will tell you someone who is living a “cosmetic life.”
Working for a company can only give you comfort, but can never make you rich. The difference between being comfortable and being rich is that a rich person continues to earn while asleep while a comfortable worker will only continue to be comfortable when he or she is working. Such comforts come to an abrupt end when such a person stops working. There are many pensioners who end up as beggars and many becoming homeless because they refused to dear at their prime. Their focus is usually on earning a living, drive that flashy car, hence the crave to work harder for someone or big companies to fund their lifestyle instead of building a company that will outlive them. Unfortunately, this is never sustainable. It will interest you to know that the same zeal you put in another person’s business is enough to build your dream, all you need is to refocus your energy on being independent.
I want to highlight some of the reasons why you don’t have a choice than to be an entrepreneur if you really want to give your life a meaning ;
1 You cannot become wealthy while working for someone: Note, you can only be comfortable working for someone and cannot be rich. If you want to be wealthy, you must begin to think of a path where your passion lies or else you will remain poor or continue to live average life. Your pension can never give you comfort after retirement, this is because in today’s world, money lost value more than it gains and you may not likely get pension raise that will be pay for your holidays, medical bills etc. It gets worst when you don’t have medical insurance. Please THINK!
2 You will be fired or forcefully retired: Sounds harsh right? No organisation pre-informs anyone who will be let go or fired. Why wait till you are humiliated before you leave? It is better to begin to make plans while you may still have the energy to run around. In this constantly changing world, the level of job turnover is very high, employers look for flimsy excuses to let you go for reasons best known to them. No matter how good you are on the job, they can only retain you for a period of time after which they will let you go. Where and how will you start from in that kind of tensed situation? Please THINK!
3 You are not in control of your life: Life is time and time is life. Therefore, he that controls your finance controls your life because he determines when you be with your family, when you wake up, when you sleep, when you eat and other life events and activities. Is that the kind of life you want? What is life without your family? Please THINK!
4 You are constantly living in fear: Many employees have died of heart attack as a result of fear of losing their jobs. Research has shown that many heart attack and stroke happen on Monday morning in the United States and most of the complications arise from job issues and worries. If you don’t make the move, your employer or nature will help you out and that may be too late. Please THINK!
5 You are confined: You cannot really express yourself the way you want. Your level of thinking is limited to the job you do in the office. Your life will become routine that you will be bored. So the only reason you are working is for the pay cheque. Please THINK!
6 Networking: Entrepreneurs love to meet each other to swap stories, share experience and generally learn from each other. Your circles of friends always grow when you become an entrepreneur because many founders need each other to lean on to survive and talk about challenges only known to them. Working for someone will never give you the opportunity to network in this scale. Please THINK!


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