7 easy ways to market your fashion brand with little or no budget

Photo credit- Elle-trends

By Smart Emmanuel

Photo credit- Elle-trends

The business of fashion is a business of marketing. It is that simple, whether you are a big fashion brand, aspiring one or the best designer on earth, if you get your marketing strategy right, you will never go wrong,but if you get it wrong, you are going nowhere-Fact!. Making beautiful cloths is not enough. In fact, making beautiful cloths without the right people seeing them is like winking to a beautiful lady in the dark.It is efforts in futility because she cannot even see your eyes.
There are simple strategies that a designer or a fashion label owner can use to promote their brands. Bellow are the subtle but effective ways you can use to promote your brand and become an authority in the fashion world.
1 Clothing Public Figure/ celebrity or on-air personalities for free: Big brands take advantage of this strategy a lot. Do you know that Ralph Lauren’s share price climbs to $88.20 per share after Melania Trump wore their brand to her husband, Donald Trump’s inauguration as 45th president of the United States? , yes it did. Ralph Lauren woudn’t have made such impact even with big budget advertising. Small brands can also take advantage of this so as to create a niche for themselves. You can start with a celebrity in your locality, people love free things and they love to talk about it especially when they are of quality and well fitted.From there you get referers and mentions in every platforms that such celebrity(s) belongs-twitter, facebook, instagram , pinterest and others. You know these people have die hard followers who want to always imitate them and their looks.Take advantage of this
2 Have a strong instagram and other picture sharing platforms presence: As a fashion label, you must be on every possible picture sharing platforms to display your designs and stocks. This is because the business of fashion is about pictures. People connect to your brand immediately they see that someone is wearing it and it looks good on them. So do more of pictures and less text. Make use of beautiful models for picture purposes and share them and ask friends to also share.
3 Have an interview session with fashion bloggers and entrepreneur sites: By doing this, you will become an authority in the industry within a short time especially if you are a good designer. Such platforms gives you the opportunity to talk about the industry, your brand, and policies that government or institutions need to put in place to move the industry forward.You earmass a lot of followers through this because fellow indsutry players will like to connect with you.
4 Make your brand affordable: Pricing is a very important factor for fashion buyers, try as much as possible not to be overpriced because it can ruin your business when starting up. You can overprice when you become a strong brand like Gucci, Ralph Lauren, Tommy Hillfiger and others.
5 Participate in fashion shows: All fashion exhibitions in your locality must have your name on it if you want to grow fast. IF you cannot be in everyone of them, organise an annual or quaarterly one by yourself where designers and fashion lovers can showcase their brands. We know it is not that cheap to organise but you can get sponsors of big brands that love fashion to sort you out and in return they have their brand names on the background for photo-ops and TV etc interviews .
6 Have a good distribution network- by this i mean you should be at every possible boutique in town. You can give your brand to a boutique owner and when they sell, you give them percentage. This will make your brand pressence very strong.
7 Have a pay on delivery package: People love to shop online but majority of the people are reluctant to pay online because of the activities of credit card fraudsters and insincerity of some brand owners who display something else on online and deliver another. Many buyers have been disappointed in the past, hence, you need to constantly build trust by being sincere before buyers will have confidence to pay before delivery.
I hope this post helps. Kindly add other ways you think fashion can easily be subtly marketed without huge budget on the comment section. Thanks


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