To Create A Niche For Your Business; Unfollow Rules,Create Your standards

Many times as entrepreneur, you wrongly measure yourself by industry standards .This is absolutely wrong. Let me tell you categorically that there is nothing like INDUSTRY STANDARDS, what only exists are the standards you set for yourself and your business. The fact that other companies are doing things the same way does not mean you should follow their steps, rather create a solution that is “abnormal” as often described by people who are used to industry rules.
Before the existence of Starbucks, nobody knew that ordinary coffee could be sold in such price and pride until starbuck’s owner found a way of providing such ordinary services in an extraordinary way. Some entrepreneurs make mistakes of focusing on what they are selling rather than shifting their attention to HOW they sell what they sell because the HOW always wins rather than WHAT .This cut across every facets of business either services, sales, consulting, engineering,technology etc.The HOW rather than WHAT is what sets you apart from others.
I understand the fact that people may say you are crazy at the initial stage when you embark on your weird way of providing services,that should be your motivation because it shows that no one has taken that route before, that is what is called NICHE!. I am not discrediting the fact that your services must be topnotch, far from it.Imagine if everyone in the line of your business have the same quality content? what will set you apart is your unique way of providing services.
Also, creating a niche involves making it a duty to constantly researching new trends of demand and customers’ source of interest. For example, technology has made it possible for customers to buy anything on the internet and all over the world at a click, therefore, it will be stupid for a brand to say they are good with having a physical shop within their confine. What set Aliexpress or Alibaba apart is their ability to ship their products all over the world and their acceptability of virtually all credit and debit cards including the ones produced developing countries, that is a big niche for them. While amazon and co discriminates, alibaba is raking in millions because they understand that technological advancement for example in Africa cannot be equated to that of Europe and America, hence their accommodating spirit.
In summary, in order to create your own niche, shun industry standards but respect the law, create your own foot path, make research a priority, don’t measure your progress base on others’ actions, be ready to be called CRAZY or WEIRD.


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