How Your Customer Service Reps Are Killing Your Business

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When you walk into an organisation, either as a new client or existing one, the first set of people you may likely have an interface with are the from desk officers and the customer service team.
I was at a branch of Guarantee Trust Bank (GTB) branch on Iju road, Lagos, Nigeria to get my dormant account fixed. In the process of trying to link my Bank Verification Number(BVN),which i registered with another bank in the country, it was discovered that there is an issue with my biometrics for that reason,the BVN representative could not do the linkage saying that it is not “doable” according to her words. When i asked what i need to do to cross the hurdles,with a frown face and utter disgust written over her, she waved me downstairs to the customer service guys . Getting down to the customer service department after queuing for hours, it was the same attitude of i don’t care they displayed over-there. I was shouted at by the customer service rep for daring to ask questions and i had to leave the bank with anger and resolved not to ever bank with them again but on the other hand, a client just paid some reasonable amount into the said dormant account. Many people are disgusted with the attitude of workers in that branch, especially some female representatives because of their attitude and facial expressions while servicing customers.
The big question is, what do you look for when you hire customer service or that from desk lady? beauty alone don’t cut it, it is the attitude and facial expression that determines if the customer/client will come back or that will be the last you will see of him or her. Many customer representatives in the said branch of GTB don’t even have smile on their faces, they feel like they are doing you a favour for keeping your money for you, therefor they owe you no respect or courtesy. It will interest you to know that many customers that are not happy with your representatives will never tell you, but they will tell thousands of people who would have been your customers/clients if not for the attitude of your customer service crew.
I can tell you authoritatively that your organisation might be loosing clients/customers not because you are not good, but because your customer service rep or front desk is screwing you up with their bad attitude and lack of professionalism.
While it is good to hire beautiful ladies with polished English accent as customer care representatives, remember that whatever they do is in the name of the organisation hence, there is need to check their conducts or attitude towards customers regularly.
You have to continuously train and retrain them on best practices. Also, ensure you have a complaint box or line where dissatisfied customers/clients can complain and the issues resolved swiftly without delay and not like many complaint boxes that are dormant without any received complaint(s) being attended to by the appropriate authority within the organisation.
Have you been having slow sales or patronage of late? this might be due to the quacks you employed to represent your name. Check and get it fixed, fire the ones that need to be fired and train the ones that need to be trained and you will see your company flourishing again.


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