See How This Former Office Assistant Became a Prominent Fashion Designer

Kabir Etubi was just a normal young boy trying to make a living like a contemporary young Nigerians of his age at a time. Kabir was employed as an office assistant at Rose Fashion House situated in Garki in Abuja, the capital of Nigeria. During his duty as office assistance, he quickly picked interest in the way materials are quickly turned into cloths of various designs within no time. Out of curiosity, Kabir began a friendship with some of the designers that would eventually give him his future in the business of fashion designing. Today, Kabir is one of the prominent fashion designers in Abuja. Though just 26 years old, the CEO of stunt collection has successfully clothed politicians,entertainers and many more across the country. in a chat with, Kabir tells us more about his journey into the fashion world, his style and many more. Below are the excerpts of the interview;
1: Tell us a little about you
My name is Kabir Etubi, i am a fashion designer based in Abuja, Nigeria. I try hard to make cloths/designs that you can hardly find in the market that is why i call my designs, cloths you can’t find in the market #cycfm.
2 :How did you venture into the fashion world?
I went to primary and secondary school in a town called Mina, Niger state, after which I moved to Abuja. While I was waiting to gain admission into the University.
I got a job as an office assistant in fashion company called Rose Fashion House somewhere In garki, Abuja, I was allowed to spend time with the tailors while working there. Watching them work made me fall in love with fashion designing. After my regular duty, i spent time watching the tailors and how they craft their cloths. From that moment, i began to respect and like tailors so i decided to enroll as apprentice to learn fashion designing .
3: How long have you been into fashion ?
I started fashion design professionally seven years ago. After learning, i was initially employed by a fashion outfit known as Vodi Fashion based in Abuja . Having worked for sometime, i decided to leave to start my own label because working for someone does not give room for creativity.
4: What sets stunt house apart from other numerous fashion labels in the country?
I named my label STUNT HOUSE because every cloth i make is a stunt. They are cloths you cannot find somewhere else because of the unique designs and finishing. The struggle to make my cloths different from the regular market cloths or what the regular tailors do is what make it unique. We act our name STUNT HOUSE and we make Cloths You Cannot See in the Market(CYCFM). Although i currently focus on making cloths for males. But i have plans to extend my service into making female gowns very soon as soon as i am done with the University education. I currently run a degree programme at the Kogi State University with major in Arabic Linguistic. I am in 300 level.5: Who are your clients?
My clients cut across all ages and social class.I have a lot of referrals from old clients daily and once in a while i do physical marketing to tell people about my brand and show them some of my works .So far, it has been amazing because i don’t compromise quality.
6: What do you think about the fashion industry in Nigeria?
It’s is really fast growing. Previously, the only names in fashion were names like Gucci , Armani , Prada and Italian designers but now we have few African designers who have made a name for themselves and are taking our brands outside the continent.We hope to join them soon.
7: How did you raise money to buy your first equipment and what are the challenges you are currently facing?
I was prudent while i was working so i started buying my equipment secretly at the time. Although it was not easy, i had to deprive myself so many things because i was focused on what i want. I resigned when i bought all the equipment i needed and immediately started my label. As for the current challenges, we all know the issue of capital is a problem, light and sourcing for good materials.
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