Lessons Hawkers In Traffic Taught Me and Why You Need To Emulate Their Ingenuity While Locating Your Business

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For people who live in Lagos and other busy states like Abuja and Portharcourt in Nigeria, buying things in traffic is not new to us. It is even more so in Lagos because some of us have our dinner while driving home from work or using the public transport , this is because of the MAD traffic associated with Lagos.
One thing that is striking are the young boys and girls who sell in traffic. While in traffic, whenever you see someone selling the popular snack in Nigeria known as Gala, you will see another person selling water and other drinks chasing after the same car either side by side or at the same side even if the customer initially requested for only Gala.This is because they know that when you buy a snack or a drink, the probability that you will demand for the other one is very high, therefore they move in droves. These young boys and girls are geniuses, they are great entrepreneurs either consciously or unconsciously.
When you are locating your business, you must take a cue from these geniuses .No product or service is ever in isolation, you have to find what goes with your products and site your business in the environment where people will naturally gravitate to demand for such complementary products.
Two people can be doing the same kind of business and one person will be successful while the other may not. The one that is not successful failed not because he or she is not good at the businesses, but because of wrong environment. For example, if two people are into photocopy business, let assume they have the same skills and are both good at what they do, one located his own in a market where they sell pepper and food stuff while the other located his own in a secondary school or university environment, which do you think will make it? it is the one that operates around schools because that is where the demand are.Another person who sells photocopier papers, inks, cutter, stapler etc will naturally complement such person in the same school environment.
The mistake many entrepreneurs make is rushing to rent an office space without putting into consideration the fact that they are in business and their success and failure are greatly influenced by their location. While location might not really matter for some people in the consultancy and service businesses, it does have a great impact on the branding of such service. In Nigeria for example, a business that is located in Abuja, Lagos and Portharcourt will naturally command respect from investors and customers than the one located in Kokori in Delta State.Therefore, you must do a proper study of the environment before situating your business so as to avoid failure. Hence, if you want to be successful, you must answer the questions below;
1What is the buying pattern of my targets?
2 Where do they naturally go either on daily basis without planning it?
3 Do i have complementary products/services in my location? if not, can i start offering such services alongside what i am currently offering without it swaying me away from my intention/purpose?
4 What is the proximity to market?
5 Are social amenities needed for the business available in this location?
6 What is the state of roads in this area . Especially for those selling fragile products like breakable glass, eggs etc
If you answer the aforementioned questions successfully, you are on your way to becoming successful in your business.


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