5 Reasons Your Business Is Not Moving Forward

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As a CEO, your job include managing your business and your employees and clients. The soul of your business is dependent on these people . You will begin to see your business going down when they are dissatisfied with your style of management. No wonder Richard Branson said “if you take care of your staff, they will take care of your business and clients”, hence, clients don’t come first, but employees do. With that in mind, the following are what stall business of an entrepreneur;
1 Not been truthful: Many business owners especially in Africa become insincere in their dealings when they begin to make money. For example, they take staff salaries as secondary while their children and wives take the center stage without taking into consideration the fact that what gave them the lifestyle is the business which is powered by the staff. A disgruntled staff will never give you 100%, they can steal from you and ultimately ground your business.
2 Not paying suppliers: There is no better way to kill a business than this . Most or some of your suppliers have direct access to the clients to whom you used their materials/expertise to service. They can report you to your clients or go to the extend of putting it in the media . When that happens, your client wouldn’t want his name or his brand to be dragged into such confusion.Therefore, they will have no options than to severe the relationship with you.This is the story of a popular public relations firm in Lagos whose CEO was found of not paying its suppliers including Journalists.The once hitherto giant agency is now struggling because it has lost all its accounts because of this habit.
3 Not being friendly with your staff: Employees work better when they see the CEO as a friend, it gives them the room to be creative and work even overtime without you necessarily paying for the extra hours. They see the business as theirs rather than yours alone.In addition, they will be open to you since they see you as one of them and not a top-down kind of relationship.
4 Lack of communication: when you don’t communicate your business objectives to your staff, they tend to do things their own way or what they feel is right which may be contrary to your business directions. If you communicate your objectives with your staff, they key into it and work with you to achieve a uniform aim.
5 Unfavourable work environment: IF you don’t make your work space or office conducive to work in, you are killing your business because staff can never be productive . Just put in the basic things like air conditioner powered by generator especially in Africa where heat is the order of the day and the incessant power outage , spacious work space, a kitchen for lunch etc. These will make them comfortable and productive .
Finally, it is always good to take good care of your staff, suppliers because your business success largely depend on them. Remember, little things count so don’t neglect them .


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