See how a toy gift from this man’s parent shaped his destiny

The story of Leke Adenifuja is that of a man who is determined to create something out of his passion rather than rely on his certificate for 9-5 jobs as many of his contemporaries will do in Nigeria. A graduate of political science from Ambros Ali University, Ekpoma. Leke’s passion for automobile began from childhood after his father bought him his first toy car while he was 7 years old. “I remember i used to hide the car in my school bag while going to school just to showoff to my friends” although the much loved Leke’s first car did not last more than a month because of his curiosity ” i remember opening the car just to see how it runs because it was powered by battery which made me destroyed the car, my dad being an African, beat the hell out of me for destroying the car, so from that moment i decided that i would learn how to fix cars , although i said it ignorantly but the event stayed  in my head till i was a teenager then i began to admire real cars” Leke dropped out of secondary school at a time so he can learn how to fix cars, but the his father’s discipline sent him back to school ” my dad was a disciplinarian and in my house, you must go to school, so my going to school was just to fulfill all righteousness and to satisfy my dad’s love for degree.”
Leke fell back to his first love when he decided to enroll with a roadside mechanic workshop in Uselu, Edo State after he graduated from the University. That singular decision did not go without its challenges as he was rejected by members of his family, friends and associates at the time ” Many of my friends thought i was crazy to dump my certificate to become a “grease monkey” i shunned them and i decided to go ahead with my dream of becoming a mechanic and i became the first person to start customization of cars in Benin . As you know, success attracts both new and old friends, the people who abandoned me for wanting to chase my passion started coming back when they began to see results of my work”
Leke did not only excel in his trade as an auto mechanic, he became the best that the state ever created “I wanted to be different from every other mechanic, of-course my education helped a lot because i don’t just open or work on your car without reading about the brand and your car history, i check all those facts before diagnosing it and proceed to fixing and that alone set me apart from every other trial and errors mechanic out there, as you know, technology advancement is every seconds, innovations are going on daily and car operations are moving from analogue way of running or operating to more sophisticated way, hence, if you are stocked in the old-way or understanding of how cars run, you will definitely fail” he said.
After 15 years of being a mechanic, Leke has achieved so many feats in his career , he has mentored quite a number of people in the industry including training many youths in Nigeria and abroad ” I have trained over 100 people who are doing very well in their businesses and as you can see, i currently have over fifteen people who are currently doing their apprenticeship with me. My becoming a mechanic is built or based on passion and my love for cars and that is why i continuously update myself with training ”
Leke is not a typical Nigerian mechanic who think fixing vehicles is just by trying it out, he spends thousands of dollars to go for auto workshops across the globe “I just came back from a training in newyork , it cost me money but the knowledge i get each time i go for such training is enriching so i take training very seriously”
Married with three Children , a boy and two girls. When asked if he will allow any of his child to tow his line if they want , he said “I will never deny my child the right to choose whatever they so which, all they need from me is proper guidance , so i will happily oblige them and allow them to do whatever they want with their lives as long as they are sure of what they are doing and they have passion for it”
On his words of advice, he said “follow your passion and you will see yourself succeeding because when you do things based on your passion, it is no longer work, it becomes fun. so when money is not coming at the initial stage, you will endure to the end but when your aim is to become rich quickly, you will give up when you are faced with little challenges”


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