Tips on how to start a small restaurant in Nigeria

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Do you know that majority of busy executives in Nigeria eat outside? yes, it is a statement of fact . This is due to stress work schedule associated with cities in the country. This is compounded by traffic as many people leave their homes as early as 4 am just to beat the traffic.They leave home early and close late. They have their breakfast, lunch and sometimes dinner outside . Many of them avoid the big restaurants just to save cost, hence they patronise the roadside restaurants popularly called MAMAPUT in Nigeria. There is a huge market in this sector if you are good a good cook.
You can operate as a mobile restaurant where you deliver the food directly to the buyer in his or her office or they come and buy from you while roaming or stationed in a place near their office.
This involves the cooking of assorted meals e.g rice, beans , plantain, Eba, Fufu, and others .It is advisable to use stainless steel plates and cups for serving and Coolers to keep the food in the right temperature.You can operate on a table in front of your house or look for a strategic location like motor park, school hostels ,ministries,etc.
Another strategy is to locate it under a small canopy in very expensive neighbourhood like Ikoyi in Lagos for example. Drivers, security and personal staff of the residents living in this area will always patrobise you. Also with the canopy approach, you will be able to avoid the exorbitant rent or local council fees that are charged for regular accommodation in these Elites area.
In conclusion, there are people who have become millionaires from this business because food business will always sell. It will even sell more when you are a good cook. If peradventure you are not so good, you can hire a cook and place the person on salary or make the person your partner and you are on your way to raking in millions daily.


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