See How This Graduate Became a Millionaire Selling Fruits in Lagos

The faith that befell Ene Achibong is no different from other Nigerian University graduates who roam the streets without jobs, but Ene decided to make her story different by engaging in fruit selling after six months of fruitless search for job like her contemporaries . Ene Achibong, a graduate of mechanical engineering from the Akwa Ibom State University decided to take her own faith in her hands.With capital of 10 thousands Naira, she went to a popular market called mile 12 and in Lagos, she bought her first sets of Cucumber, orange, water melon for sale. Her first shop, a tent, was built with with a canopy that was abandoned by his brother who runs an haulage trucking business and that was the beginning of her multi-million Naira business .
Ene did not go about her fruit business the way ordinary market woman or man who is not literate would do, she added value to the fruits through packaging and deliveries “What set me apart from every other fruit seller is that i packaged all my orders, i washed my fruits, make them ready to eat and deliver to the doorsteps of customers most of the time at no additional cost especially when the distance is not too far”.
On the way she markets her produce, she said she goes from house to house, using words of mouth, starting from her neighborhood. “I think my major booster is the fact that i deliver and my fruits are fresh and topnotch” she said.
After the first six months of successful sales of fruits, Ene Achibong decided to take her venture further by producing smoothies which she supplies to supermarkets across the country. “I discovered that you hardly find any fresh fruit drinks in supermarkets that is without sugar, i bought a blender, i started by producing fruit juice with mixture of carrots, water melon and banana which i marketed to few families to test the acceptability. The demand became overwhelming that i decided to pay more attention to it and the rest is history”. Although in Nigeria, sometimes getting approval of the National Agency For Food and Drug Administration and Control (NAFDAC), they agency with the task of regulating drugs and other consumables in the country is an up-heal task because of their necessary demands, Ene was able to get through that and get her company approved for production. Her fruit juice which she called Fresh Fruits Smoothie (FFS) is the delight of many in urban centers in the country. Ene currently have 10 permanent staff on her payroll and 4 contract staff. Her dream she said is to have her juice across all supermarkets in the country and other countries in few years.


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