How To Start Printing Business In Nigeria Without Owning an office and Printing Press

Printing business is one of the most lucrative businesses in Nigeria. It is a money spinning business and the good thing is that you don’t need an office nor a printing press to start it. With as little as five thousand Naira which is money for your card, you can start making money right-away because it does not require huge amount of money if you want to start small.
It is even more easier for someone who knows graphics designs. It means that you can collect jobs, design it instead of engaging the services of a graphics artiste and take it to a printing press and you make the full profit after paying the printing press owners. The advantage of this is that, you can collect as many jobs as you want because you don’t rely on one single press company to help you with the printing. You will become so reliable that customers will flood you with jobs because you will be able to deliver on time as you can share the work among different printing companies.
As a beginner without an office and printing press, you need to advertise yourself to places like schools because they engage the services of printers to produce books, diaries,calendar, stickers and others. You can also advertise to restaurants, hospitals, clubs/hotels, banks, public relations and advertising agencies, government ministries and departments among others. One good thing about being a printer without owning a printing press is that you make more money than owners of printing press because you don’t pay for office space, power and all other cost . While the owner struggles with equipment maintenance, you keep chasing more customers and money keeps coming to you.

Here is how you execute your job after getting the contract;
Collect advance payment from the client. Look for where to buy quality but affordable papers, take them to the printing press to run impression. After printing, make sure you trim the printed materials very well, package them and put your contact details strategically in a location. Research has shown that printing business is a business of referrers. hence you do a good job for a client, he or she can introduce you to another client who might make you a millionaire with just a job. In addition, if you print a souvenir for a wedding or any event, you must put your contact information on those items so that when the beneficiaries have their events in future, they will contact you to either replicate the same types or create  different ones for them .

Finally, your customer service must be on point. Respect your clients and more importantly, be sincere in your dealings by keeping to promise.


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