Easy Way To Start A Footwear Business In Nigeria With Little Capital

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When it comes to fashion, Nigeria is number one because we love to party and also show-off our unique dress sense. Previously, the love for foreign products was very high in the country. Fortunately, the orientation is gradually changing due to the depreciation in the value of the Naira, coupled with the massive campaign of “Buy Naija to make the Naira grow” championed by Senator Ben Muray Bruce, one of the Nigeria’s finest Senator. Nigerians are beginning to buy what is made in Nigeria. The Love for foreign products , especially shoes and other fashion items has dropped drastically.The market is now widely opened for footwear producers in the country.
If you are in the business of making shoes, i can tell you that you wouldn’t have to worry about making money because it is guaranteed you will make money especially if you are good at the craft, with little marketing , you will definitely make your millions within few months.
Here is how to start;
1 Establish A Factory
You can do this in two ways. Either you establish a small factory and employ skillful shoe makers while you do the designs or you can become apprentice under someone for a duration of time before starting your own. By becoming apprentice, you have opportunity to learn the rudiments of the business. This includes customer relations and marketing from your boss.
2 Buy Your Tools:
Some of the tools you will need include filling machine,sewing machine(optional) because it depends on the types you produce,  leather materials, souls for the shoes, treads, show-glass for your display, shoe molder, a hub among others. The tools are not that capital intensive so an average person can afford them with ease. If you don’t have money for the tools, you can look for soft loans from family members or a corporative that you belong.
3 Select The Types of Shoes You Will be Making———-Male, Female, Adult , babies or combination of all:
By selecting they type(s) you want to be producing, you will be focused and have a direction. Ask yourself if you will be producing formal shoes, slippers or all so as to have a sense of direction to aid your marketing clusters or targets.It is advisable not be a jack of all trade at the beginning because this can be overwhelming. Start with a focus, then expand as you grow.
4 Create a Brand Name For Your Shoes
In every business, branding is very important. Part of the branding process is having a fine logo, brand name that is not difficult to pronounce or write. Make sure you have a call card that carries your logo and your contact details . This is to enable your customers reach you with ease and also refer people to you by sharing your card with them. Also, you must ensure you have your label on the soul of your products. Don’t be like some Nigerians who produce and attach popular foreign designers’ labels to their products. If you do that, you will be shortchanging yourself forever. Imagine if one of the best designers in Africa, MUDI started putting foreign labels in his cloths during his gestation days, nobody will know him today. So be yourself and grow your brand.
5 Market Your Shoes on Social Media
Create social media pages so you can display your brands there. Instagram and Facebook are nice for this kind of thing because of their pictorial nature. It is even better on Instagram, all you need to do is to build followership.You can also use words of mouth. I wouldn’t advice you go to advertise on newspapers, radio or TV at the early stage because those are expensive. You can also market your shoes to your church members if you are a christian or mosque if you are a Muslim or any other places that you feel comfortable with.
You can also make a shoe(s) for celebrities one or two for free, they will in return promote you and your brand on their social media. Some of them have large number of loyal followers who try as much as possible to look like them. So, they will definitely buy whatever such celebrities sell or market to them.
Note: You must not compromise quality, don’t make profit your sole purpose.


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