How To Start Plantain Farming In Nigeria With Little Capita

Plantain is one food that is consumed by majority of people around the world. Plantain is prepared in various forms, while some people love it roasted or cooked, others love it fried(chips), it can also be used as flour for baking and other purposes . In urban centers, plantain chips is very popular, it is a common site in traffic and supermarkets. Plantain farming is very lucrative if you do it right. Plantain basically start yielding fruits after three months of planting depending on the breed.
Here is how to start plantain farming in Nigeria ;
1 Buy/lease a piece of land either close to river or in swampy area: Plantain don’t do too well in dry land because it requires a lot of water to grow.In case you don’t have a land or you lack the financial muscle to acquire one, you can go into partnership with a land owner with the arrangement of sharing the produce after harvest in percentage which both of you will agree on. If you cant do irrigation , it is better you plant your sucker in a cool environment or semi-swamp. They grow and yield better in such land. Plantain don,t do very well in yellow sand because of the dry nature of such sand which mitigates its growth and fruit production.I am talking practical here because my dad has been into plantain farming for over 50 years . This is not theory, plantain grow better in a cool soil. .2 Don’t plant too close to each other: This is because most plantain develop offspring on their own after sometime. So if you plant the sucker too close to each other, there will be no space for them to breath so as to bear good and healthy fruits.Not that they wouldn’t grow, but they will not yield good plantain or bountiful ones if you choose.
3 Plant high yielding sucker: It is advisable you get your plantain sucker from an established organization like Food and Agriculture Organization(FAO) .They will educate you on high yielding sucker and the type that is good for the soil you want to plant them. They also sell suckers , it is best you buy from them. Most farmers make mistake of planting anything and at the end of the day, they complain of not having a good harvest. Meanwhile they did not plant the right sucker on the right soil.
4 Always weed your plantain farm: Make sure you clear the grass on your farm so they don’t obstruct the growth of the sucker. Many farmers think that when the sucker grows to a stage, it is not necessary to weed it, that is wrong because it affect it yield negatively. It is advisable to always clear the grass in the farm.
5 Apply fertilizer:Fertilizer will lead to bountiful harvest if the right amount is apply at the right time . Do not  take it for granted.
Also, when the time of harvest comes, make sure you develop a strategy to chase away birds from feasting on your plantain especially the ripe ones. This is why you don’t have to wait for them to ripe before harvesting so as to avoid birds troubles.
Here is How To Sell Your Plantain Easily and Make 100% Profit
It has been discovered that farmers lost a lot due to the inability to sell their produce. This is caused by many factors ranging from shortage or lack of transportation system, bad roads to the farm, lack of access to market and others. What you need to do as a plantain farmer is to let the buyer carry the burden of transportation etc by allowing them to buy from the farm directly. You can allow the buyer to buy the whole plantain farm from you in a whole sale price. When you do this, the burden of harvesting, gathering and movements of the plantain is shifted to the buyer and you avoid wastage.
If you are fortunate enough to have a van or a truck, you can do the harvesting at once so you can transport to the market in town for people to buy from you. Through this, you make extra profits because you will have to add the transportation cost, labour and others.
The plantain can also serve as a raw material for you the farmer if you want to process them into various forms. For example,you can have a mini plantain chip factory .In this case, you will need to employ staff who can help you in producing the chips in commercial quantities after which you can supply to supermarkets and other small shops in town.
Finally, remember that many people are making millions from plantain farming in Nigeria. The time you are wasting to look for that job as a graduate could be used for productive venture like plantain farming . If you do this, you become an employer of labour while you make your millions. I urge you to drop that certificate ego and move out of that city and become your own boss. When you make your money, you can buy houses in those cities that you so cherish now that is making you waste away with while 50 or at most 150 thousand Naira job.


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