Here Is How Much You Lost As Entrepreneur To Public Holidays

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  1. Public holiday is defined as a work free day. It is a day set aside by government of a nation, state or local to mark special occasions. As an entrepreneur, especially if you deal with essential commodities like food and other things that are needed to run daily  lives, there should be no holiday for you this is because NEEDS for your products don’t go on BREAK, so why should you?. Today, Easter Monday in Lagos Nigeria where i live, there is a popular attitude of vendors that is inimical to business growth which is getting hooked with holiday fever. I stepped out to buy airtime for my phone , i  discovered that none of the vendors opened their shops  apart from a Mallam who is a security officer and a trader in front of my estate. On getting there, i found out that we were over 50 in a queue waiting to buy one or two things from his shop because all the other people who sell similar products around did not open shops because of holiday. The past few days are serious harvest for this young mallam because he is the only one available within the vicinity during this period.
    It is important to note as an entrepreneur that when government declares public holidays, the only people that gain are government workers who will not go to work and they will get paid, who will pay you for the days off? In fact, public holidays are the days you don’t stress yourself so much to make sales especially if your shop is located in a residential area.Many people don’t go to work on these days and they must eat. This is a window for you as a business person.
    As an entrepreneur, you must take advantage of public holidays to make more money no matter what you sell because on this day, you will probably be one of the few that will open and patronage awaits you.  If you want, you can open for half of the day, you will observe that you make twice the amount you would have struggled to make in a normal work day because many of your competitors are probably at home snoring while you will be  cashing into the bank.
    It is good to relax as an entrepreneur , no doubt but it is also good to take advantage of loopholes and use it to your advantage to make money because such opportunities don’t come often.
    Awkward days like Sunday, Christmas day, New year day, Ramadan day and others are days you make a lot of sales because many of your competitors will never show up. Remember, if the demand for your services don’t go on holiday, why should you?


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