How To Be A Car Dealer Without Investing Any Money

Car dealership is a very lucrative business all over the world. People buy cars daily just the same way importers import many cars without necessarily understanding marketing strategies for the cars . Most car dealers are left with no option than to contract the sales of the cars out to individual who are good at sales after which they get a percentage of the profit based on agreement between both parties. In Nigeria, many individual car owners are always eager to contract the sales of their used cars to guys who are ready to take the challenge and that is where you come in.
What you need to do is take the car from such person and start marketing it immediately. It is easier to sell these days because of the availability of various online platforms where you can advertise for free. Most of these platforms are very effective because i have personally patronised them several times . You will need to add extra money to the price the owner wants the car sold. That would serve as your own benefit. This is in addition to the percentage you will get from the owner of the car.
Note, what every car dealer wants is to sell his/her cars, therefore they cannot say no to a result oriented marketer. But before they can trust you with their cars, you must have proven yourself to be honest, straightforward and trustworthy. Remember trust is earned over time, it does not just happen overnight , you must build it gradually.
Finally, instead of lamenting, just go ahead and scout for people who wants to sell their cars and begin to market them to people both online and offline and make your profits. They are everywhere. Just ask!.
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