You Want To Make 200% Profit- Start Distribution Of Garri By Following These Guidelines

If there is one food that almost everyone in Nigeria eat is garri. It is the food for both the rich and the poor . The demands for garri is always on the high side daily and the price of the product continues to skyrocket because few people produce garri that is being consumed by the whole country. The law of demand and supply is what is at play here . Out of the few that are being produced by local farmers in villages across the country, many of them are being wasted in the villages where they are produced due to lack of access to good means of transportation .Most of the farmers just produce as plenty as they can but a fraction of what they produce gets to cities where we have the population and markets because of these challenges. As at today , a paint of garri is being sold in Lagos for about N1,300 Naira while the same paint of garri goes for as little as N650 to 700 Naira in Okitipupa, Ondo State where we have many garri mills.
Suppliers of garri make as much as over 300% profits . For example, from Okitipupa to Lagos by road is 3 hours maximum while from Ore to Lagos is less than 2 hours drive. Imagine if you buy garri at very cheap price from Ore or Okitipupa to Lagos for sale. In less than two months, many people might think you did money rituals because the profits is just overwhelming. Garri is even cheaper if you buy from the villages in the Eastern and Some Southern parts of the country Like Enugu, Delta, Edo, Ondo, some parts of Ogun and few others.
This opportunity has been there for long. The reason why many refuse to tap into it is because of ego and Education. Yes, i said education because an average Nigerian graduate has the mindset of working for someone and not working for his or herself. Also, another major reason why youths especially refuse to go into this profitable business and the like is because of what the society will say. You hear phrases like ” What will people think or say about , a graduate selling garri” anytime i hear this , it really weakens me because life is an individual journey and success is the best revenge for undue critics. We tend to measure standards by what people think about us and not what will better our lives. That is why many people remains poor and will continue to be so until they refused to allow their lives to be shaped by what others say or do.
Garri business can easily make you a billionaire yes i said billionaire, it is not a typographical errors. Check this out, do you know that if you have 2 million people patronising you and you make profit of N500 Naira from each person, your ROI will be a billion Naira. Pick your calculator and check it out. Sales of garri is a very profitable venture. This can be done by young and old, across all gender. Unfortunately this lucrative venture has been left in the hands of few for long time in Nigeria.
Here is how you can start:
1 Do a little market survey: You need to pay a visit to villages where garri is produced in large quantity. By doing this, you make arrangement for transportation at once. If you buy from different villages in small quantities, you will need to transport them to a center where vehicle can access because most of these villages are not motor-able. The advantage of buying from one center is that you will only need to pick all your goods at once. It saves you the stress of gathering them from different geographical location to an accessible center
2 Buy empty sacks: There are bags for garri. You will need to buy those bags because farmers or garri millers don’t sell with bags. They are very cheap and can be found in major markets around town. In addition, if you want to retail the garri, you can buy basin, derika, paint cup and other materials for measurement .
3 Get someone who knows the environment to lead you if you are a first timer: You may need an insider who understands the dialects of the people to serve as a middleman . He/she must understand the peoples language(s) and way of communication because some of them may not understand your English which might make bargaining very difficult. If you have an insider on your side, you will get very good deals that will favour you.
4 Make transportation arrangement : You can make arrangement with a transport company that will help you transport the garri to your destination. You have two options here, you either charter a truck or use a public transport if you are not buying plenty. Another way you can reduce transport cost is to join other traders who often charter trucks to pick their goods in such location and pay a fraction of the chartered vehicle.
5 Rent a suitable shop: It is good you have a shop where you can store your garri. The shop must have an ideal temperature that is not too cold. Do not put the garri on the bare floor, you must put a plank on the floor before putting the bags on top. While choosing your shop, ensure it is in proximity to the market or at least be in a visible vicinity. To avoid storage for too long which might lead to your garri getting spoil, i will advise you sell wholesale price if you have plenty. This will increase your turnover rate and save you the hassle of having to store for too long.
Finally, no job or trade is too dirty as long as it is legal and not immoral, don’t listen to peoples’ comments they only serve as distractions because when you succeed, they will embrace you . Stay focused and pursue your dreams


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