8 Areas You Can Make Big Money From African Entertainment Without Having “Talent”

The Africa entertainment industry is growing astronomically. The music, films,arts and many others are now multi-billion dollars investments. The good thing about this industry is that it is well liberated and can accommodate anyone in the value chain as long as you are able to take a bold step.
The good thing is that you don’t have to be a talented actor, producer or a singer to invest and make money in the industry. The industry is so wide that it can accommodate so many people at the same time. You can invest in the following areas of the industry and make huge money;
1: Organising Concert: You can organise shows where you will invite artistes to perform. This is not done alone, you have to seek the supports of brands that love entertainment like some telecom companies , breweries, banks and other organisations to sponsor the event. You can chose an open venue where people buy tickets to enter like stadium for example. Ticket must be sold before and during the event at the gate. There are many ticketing companies out there to save you from the stress of selling tickets yourself. This kind of show is best organised during festive season like Christmas, new year, Easter, Ramadan and on university ,polytechnic, monotechnic, college of education and other institutions of learning. AY, a popular comedian in Nigeria started from the University by organising shows which featured many artistes back in the days, today he is one of the biggest entertainers in Nigeria, living the life of luxury and other big investments.
2:Establish a production studio: Trust me this is another money spinner. An average youth this days want to sing or make a movie. They can sacrifice food for music recordings. If you have a studio where artistes can book session and you get paid, you will make a lot of money within a short period of time. All you need are good equipment. You may not have a producer and you don’t need to be able to produce because artistes have their producers. All you are selling are the equipment and the ambient.
3:Buy Video/sound equipment for rent: Many movie producers rent equipment like cameras, light, sound speakers, mixers and others needed to shoot a movie. All you need is to buy those equipment and make your business visible through social media, words of mouth, radio/newspaper and TV advert will be an added advantage if you have the money to do so.
4:Be a talent manager:Your job is to spot a talented individual either a singer, dancer, actor etc and connect them with jobs. For example, you can mange a musician. Your duty is to book them for shows and ensure they are rewarded accordingly while you take your share.You will be in charge of their recordings, production of videos and every other thing that has to do with their career.
5:Create a blog where music/movies can be downloaded : Many sites are doing really well in this area. As you all know, people hardly buy CDS .Every musical videos and some movies are available online for download. You can have exclusive right to upload a music online where it can only be downloaded on your site alone. You will make money from both the volume of download and google adsense if you sign up on it .
6:Provide Logistics for recordings: By this i mean, having a van that can convey cast and crew, equipment of movie production to and from location. You will make money from this if you build the right connection because shooting a movie takes long distance travels most times from location to location in different state in a country.
7:Script/songs writing: Have you heard of the word “Ghost writer” in the music industry? they are talented individuals who write songs for artistes but they don’t get credited or named based on agreement while some are credited. It is a big money making venture. some writers earn as much as one million dollars for a track. Also you can write movie script for money. It is profitable for the writer because you don’t have to spend money on production. You just write and get paid by the producer and your contract ends.
8:Editing: Every music and movie must go through editing in the studio before it is released. You can open an editig studio and employ someone or two to manage on your behalf while you supervise. You only need to employ certified editors who are also good with graphics designing and animation to do the job. Your duty will be to supervise them while you promote their work to attract more clients.


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