Building A Marketing Strategy Around Culture Can Make You Millions of Dollars

Culture is simply defined as a way of life of a group of people in a particular location. Cultural practices are carried out either  consciously or subconsciously –that means this practice revolves around the lives of the people in a routinely executed manner. With that simple explanation, it is now glaring that a product/service  that fits into the culture of a people will definitely not fail because patronizing such products/brands become a conscious or subconscious thing for them.This is why researching a peoples’ culture is key to a successfully executed marketing strategy. For example, a larger percentage of Nigerians love to drink beer. If you go to Eastern part of the country, the popular STAR, Gulder, Heineken etc are not as popular as HERO because HERO beer is produced by  SAB-MILLER in the region which ultimately make its circulation more than Guinness and Nigerian breweries’ brands. Now, every other brands are trying to compete with the Eastern HERO brand because they know that the culture of the majority of the people in Eastern Nigeria revolves around beer, they love to drink beer, hence the aggressive marketing abilities of other brands to penetrate the region .
Some brands of Nigerian Breweries like Gulder and Life beer have tried their best to win the people in the region over to themselves , using incentives(Culture) because an average Igbo man love to save money in various ways, now they are gradually  drinking Nigerian Breweries’ Brands across the region unlike before.
The  Igbos don’t just drink, they have their time for drinking which is mostly on SUNDAYS after church, as a brand that is targeting this group, you must understand this secret in order to fit your brand into their naturally instigated behavior and that is how you can capture their minds.
Another example is MILK consumption in Nigeria. For example, marketing liquid milk to the people in the Northern part of Nigeria is a waste of time because they love powder milk. I am talking about the core North- therefore to sell milk to them, you must understand this.
In the same vein, selling digital banking to Northerners in Nigeria  is also a waste of time because they love to do manual way of banking. If a GTB or UBA that are digitally inclined banks want to sell their products to this people, internet banking is not an option, atleast for now  because they see it as anti-culture to them, therefore they need to design a refined manual banking system that fit into their cultutre. The examples goes on and on and on…
Please understand that you are not in business to please yourself, rather you are in business to please those that will pay for the value you are creating.
In  a nutshell, understanding the peoples’ culture can  give your products/brands breakthrough while refusing to study the culture will amount to fetching  water with the basket.


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