Here Is Why Insurance Can Save Your Business from Collapse

    Disasters will never tell you when they will strike, they just happen and we are left to either regret for not doing the right thing or thank our stars for building a shield around us and our businesses .
    One thing many entrepreneurs in Africa take for granted is insurance, it is always the least bottom of to-do list of the few people who take it a little serious. In fact, there have been many occasions where fire disasters razed small business owners’ premises in popular markets like Agege, Eko Market, Sabongri market and other popular markets in Nigeria where many small businesses are concentrated. In all the occasions, findings revealed that those businesses do not have any form of insurance to bail them out of the disasters; hence they have to start all over again.
    For any business whether big or small, insurance coverage must be a priority .There are many insurance packages for SMEs and most of them are very juicy. The major problem with business owners in Africa is the low level of awareness about how important it is to have insurance cover.
    Insurance can save you from so many havoc either caused by nature or human errors. Looking at how porous it is to run a business in Africa, it is crucial to take insurance policies such as Business, burglary, fire, Auto, Goods in Transit and other forms of necessary insurance cover because all these are bounds to happen at one time or the other. If they do happen and you have insurance cover, you don’t need to worry because the insurance company bears the cross on your behalf.
    It will interest you to know that most of the insurance policies are flexible, affordable and full of rewards.
    All you need to do is just walk to any insurance company and get your company insured. Remember, disasters don’t announce their coming. They just happen so you have to constantly be on guard.


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