5 Tips To Setup a Profitable Educational Learning Center

Photo credit: Georgia Tech Professional Education Center

Reports by Business Wire news revealed that private learning and tutoring is experiencing a rapid growth. The report stressed that the industry will hitting $100 billion in 2017.

This is an incontestable report looking at the daily increase in population and the quest for knowledge by both the young and the old alike. Therefore, running an education center is an opportunity to contribute to the building up of children educationally and the old who want to learn while making a lot of money in the process.

Below are the steps to follow to open an educational learning center;

1 Write a business plan: This is key to your success because it gives you a sense of direction. Creating a business plan will enable you answer if you are buying into a franchise or starting your own afresh. You just have to weigh both sides. Evaluate the competition and make your financial projections because this is crucial. Sometimes it is better to tap into franchise as it gives you rapid growth. It depends on you though.

2.Look for investors or get a loan if you don’t have savings for the project: There are many ways to get fund for project like this. You can go into partnership, invite investors or get a bank loan. You must be careful when going into partnership. Ensure all agreement is signed by both your lawyer and that of the partner to avoid future crisis-Spell out every detail.

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  1. Get a location or an office: Choosing the right location is very important to the success of your business especially if you focus on children education. Therefore you have to find a location that is close to residential area or school where parents can easily drop and pick their children with ease. The building or the center must be spacious and properly ventilated. It will not be a bad idea if you equip the center with modern facilities like computers, internet connection and others.
  2. Buy equipment: Materials needed to run the center include books, computer, chairs, whiteboards, toys, biro, pencil, printers and any other necessary ones you can think of.
  3. Hire Teachers: You will need to work with qualified teachers in various subjects. You can hire them on part time bases where they come around during their period or session so as to save cost. There must be few full-time staff that will always be on ground to coordinate things.

 Here is How To Get Parents/ Adult to register at your center

1.Print flyer/pamphlet: You have to print flyers that carry all the necessary information about the center, contact details, address and charges. You have to share it within your target area.

  1. Use words of mouth: Walk into residential areas and introduce your center by telling your prospects what you do, how you do it, how it is different from other centers in town and what their children stand to gain if they register with your center.
  2. Newspaper, Radio and TV adverts: If you have the financial muscle, you can place adverts on these three medium each.

Finally, i want you to know that if your service is good, you wouldn’t need adverts after sometime because you will be getting a lot of referrals from existing parents. Just be excellent in your services.




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