Incredible Ways You Can Effortlessly Make Millions From Palm Oil Processing

Harvested Palm fruits

Agriculture in Nigeria as i said in the past is the new crude. Although this has always been what Nigeria is known for before the discovery of crude oil which derailed the consciousness and conscience of leaders Africa which ultimately led to the abandonment of this lucrative venture.
I am writing this article based on my personal experience in the business of palm oil processing because that is my father’s business and having worked with him for over 20 years in this, I can consider myself as an authority of sort in the business of palm oil processing.
In the business of palm oil processing, everything is a cash cow, there is no wastage because you make huge amount of money from oil, palm kernel and the shaft. This goes to show that palm oil processing business is very profitable.
What makes the business more profitable is because of the high demands for the product across the world . This is because of its multipurpose function, ranging from food, raw materials for industries and others.

Palm Kernel

There are various aspect of this business that you can tap into. The aspect you choose largely depends on your financial capability, if you have a lot of money to invest, you can cultivate your own farm, start processing or just buy the finished products from the producers for resell purpose. You don’t need to have your own farm to start processing factory, you can simply rent from owners who are ready to give it out to factory owners and pay him/her yearly. In this case, you will be the one to harvest it from the palm trees, prepare the fruits and take them to factory for processing like my dad is doing.  Renting or owing a farm and processing factory is more profitable because you own everything concerning the fruit-Palm Kernel, The oil and the shaft , but it is capital intensive.

Palm oil digester for grinding palm fruits

Here are what you need to set up a palm oil processing factory;

1.Big Drum: This is used to boil the palm fruit after which it is moved into digester for grinding. Welders can help with the construction. You can have as many as you want depending on the size of the factory.
2.Digester: This is constructed by welders. Note, not every welder can construct this, there are specialists who do it. You can see them in Ondo State, South South and South Eastern part of the country. Digester is for grinding of the kernel so as to sift the skin of the palm fruits from the kernel. The fruits is cooked and hauled directly from the fire into the digester.
3. Engine: You can either buy a lister engine or any other engine that is powerful to roll the digester. The size of the engine you need depends on the size of the digester and how big you want to run the factory.
4.Pressure Presser: The palm kernel is released directly from the digester into the press to sift the oil from the shaft. This is done when it is still hot so that the oil can rush out of the shaft without any missing in the shaft. The press is handled by able bodied men because it requires power pressure to squeeze the shaft in the press before the oil can come out fully.
5. Storage facilities : You need drums or big gallons to store the palm oil. You need as many as you can depending on the  volume of production.
6 .Staff: Your staff strength depends on the size you want of the factory.
In conclusion, if you have or rent your farm, you will need to hire harvesters that will help you to harvest the palm fruits from the three. Harvesting usually takes place once or at most twice in a month.

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