5 Types of Businesses You Can Start Without Money

One big challenge aspiring entrepreneurs face is funding. Bu it will interest you to know that you can start a successful business without having any money on you. All you need is knowledge and that is all.

So, these are the types of businesses/sector you can start without cash or with a limited amount of money.

  1. Consulting

This is purely a professional thing. You can do consultation from anywhere as long as you have the knowledge on the industry or subject. For example, if you have been working in the agricultural sector for a long time or you have the knowledge, people who want to venture into the sector will gladly pay you to teach them how they can start. You can consult on anything from advertising, Public Relations, Book writing, event planning/management etc. This sector is very lucrative. All you need is to have the knowledge and people are ready to pay you to share with them.

  1. Home services

This kind of business does not require any single cash apart from your transport fare or gas money. This is because you don’t need an office to start. For example, babysitting, gardening, cleaning services, car washing in homes etc.

  1. Sales

For example, you don’t need money to walk into a car dealer to ask him to allow you help sell his car for commission. All you need to do is to market the car and sell it, get your commission and move on to the next.

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There are many technology companies that are providing car services like Uber, all you need to start with them is to have sureties if you don’t have a car of your own. If you have a car of your own, just sign up and start making money. You can also rent out part of your home as temporary accommodation for travelers. If you have canopies, equipment for party catering, drink coolers among others can serve as sources of income for you without investing anything.

5.Skill-Based Services

People with specific skills don’t need investment to start earning because they depend on their clients for resources. For example, handyman can fix home owner’s repairs needs. Bricklaying,  painting, fumigating  etc.Read:5 Tips To Setup a Profitable Educational Learning Center

In summary, you just have to start from where you are now and grow from there. Put your skills into use and forget job hunting.











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