How to Start Profitable Bar Business in Nigeria

One of the most lucrative businesses in Nigeria is running a bar. Many residents in cities across the country  love to relax after the day hustle which is usually complicated by  traffic and work tension. So after work or even during work, many take time to cool off before heading home. Also, during weekends, bars in Nigeria experience large influx of customers. Some people  even book the whole bar for birthdays, re-union, wedding receptions and other occasions. Also, football is a great attraction to bars in Nigeria as many football lovers , in a quest to stop distractions by either their wife, children or family and friends hit the bar to watch football.

The Following are the  tips to setup a bar in Nigeria;

  1. Find A Good location

Location is very important to the success of bar business. Your choice of location should be influenced by some variables which are: Traffic-bar located in places where there are a lot of people sell more in Nigeria. It is better to locate your bar in industrial areas where there are many offices or an accessible road where workers drive by to and from work. Also, you can locate in a residential area where you have a high concentration of residents. Packing space-you must have a space where customers can park their cars with security on standby at the parking lot. Ventilation– the bar must be properly ventilated with air conditioner if you want it big, different sections ranging from dance floor, Dj booth, snooker zone etc must be in place. Mind you, if you want to run it in a shop like many people do, you don’t need to do all I mentioned, just pick the essentials.

2.Get a generator: As you all know, Nigeria has unstable power supply hence the Power Holding Company of Nigeria (PHCN) is not reliable. You need light to power your drinks, Air conditioner or Fans and other appliances. Nigeria weathers is very hot as such, you wouldn’t want to put your customers in heat.

3.Provide Entertainment:  One hubby that attract customers to bar is football. Many Nigerian men  love football so much . You must use it as a tool to attract customers by showing live matches in all the leagues. If you do this regularly, your bar will never be empty as you will be overwhelmed by the influx of customers. In addition, invite musicians, comedians and other entertainers to perform once in a while, this will attract more customers to the bar. In a nutshell, make your customers relax with full effect of varieties of entertainment.

3 Have well trained staff: This is very important because your staff behavior to customers will determine if they will return or not. They must be well trained on  how best to serve, importance of courtesy and all forms of body language.Also, they must be trained on tolerant as many inebriated individuals tend to misbehave, hence endurance is needed because they are your customers who will  surely return again and again.

4 Your Food must be on point: You can hire a competent chef to do this for you. Good menu is an important aspect of your success; therefore you must take it serious.

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5 Make the place comfortable: This can be achieved through unique decorations. Engage professional interior décor to do the job for you. Also use different kinds of light to beautify the place. Remember, the light must not be too bright , just make them colourful.

6 Branding: It is important you give your bar an identity through branding, using unique colour, name , logo or text.

Here is how to attract customers to your bar

1 .Run occasional promo: For example , buy five bottles of drink and get a plate of peeper-soup or extra  drink for free.

  1. Event Sponsorship: You can partner with an entertainment event. It could be music, movie or even fashion. You get media mentions from such events which ultimately lead to positive image. This alone will attract more people to your bar.

3.Use social media to promote your services: Facebook, Instagram, twitter among others

  1. You can advertise in newspaper, radio and TV: The mentioned channels are very effective. Although they are a little expensive, but they are worth it.

5.Flyers/Pamphlets: You can share these  to people in your neighborhood of operation. The information contain in this include: Services you render, location, prices, incentives among others.



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