How to Setup Garri Production Factory Nigeria Without Much Investment And Make Wealth

Cassava tubers

Garri as I said in the previous post is a food for all in Nigeria and other African countries. It is made from cassava. There are different kinds of garri in Nigeria, ranging from the well fried,which many Nigerians love to drink and the one used to make Eba which may not necessarily need to be very dry .We also have the yellow one popularly called (EBA IBO) by the Yoruba tribe in Nigeria and of course the popular of them all which is the white one.

Garri production is a very lucrative venture if you do it in commercial quantity because it has a very large market. It is sold across the length and breadth of Nigeria; it is perhaps the only food that no one hates in Nigeria and many African countries. Although preparation and mode of consumption varies from one African country to other, the content and mode of production remains the same.Read:Why Food Business is the Business of 2017 In Nigeria

If you want to setup a garri production company, the following guidelines would help you;

Source For Cassava: You can  either setup your own farm or buy cassava tubers from farmers or do both. Having your own farm is also very profitable because you don’t have to pay for tubers; you make 100% of the profit. On the other hand, you can save yourself the stress of farming and continue to buy tubers from farmers while you focus on production only. Either way, it is very profitable.

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Machinery needed in cassava processing factory include:

  1. Grinder: The grinder is responsible for grinding the cassava tubers into smooth watery ones before taking it to another machine to dry. The grinder is powered by any machine. It can be a Diesel engine or a petrol one. It operates similarly like a grinding machine but a bigger version of that. The grinder is mostly constructed locally by welders and it is quite affordable looking at its usefulness.

    This is a locally constructed cassava grinding machine
  2. Hydraulic Presser: After grinding the garri, you put them in a sack bit by bit before transferring the sacks into the pressing machine that will squeeze away the water from the grinded tubers to make it dry before frying.
  3. Filter: This is in two types – Manual and Machine enabled – The same machine used to grind the tuber can be used to filter it. The problem with that is, it is mostly not very good for consumption because it becomes too smooth. That is why most factories still prefer to use the manual one which is like a hand constructed basket on a flat surface.
  4. Fryer: Fryer is made of Iron. It is like a wide pot which is put on fire and someone is in charge of frying the garri manually before it dries. Although there are frying machines these days, but just like the auto filter, garri producers avoid the usage because the garri produced with them don’t give good taste.

Note: After frying the garri, you will need to filter it again before packaging. You use the same filter that you used before it is fried to filter it again so as to remove the shafts.

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Remember, since your target is Nigeria market, you may have to invest more in labour because the manually produced ones taste better and that is why they have the highest demand.












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