Tips For Mobile Marketing Effectiveness

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Mobile phones have taken over the internet space across the world. Online shoppers depend more on mobile devices because of their busy nature. Mobile phones enable on-the go tasks. This has paved way to more users migrating to smartphones, tablets and other micro devices for information.

Therefore, mobile marketing which used to be an option has become an aspect of marketing that a brand cannot afford to neglect except such a brand does not want growth. Mobile marketing is the fastest way to build consumer relationship right now.

The following tips will help your mobile marketing strategy;

1.Your site must be mobile friendly: This is not the era of limiting your site to desktop view, many people don’t use their computer until they get to the office and before then, they do most of their transactions on the go on their mobile devices. You must ensure that your site load very fast because mobile users are less patient. A slow loading site is a turnoff to mobile users. Also, mobile users don’t really like going through the difficulties of login and log out, hence you have to take advantage of social media to reduce such challenges. In a nutshell, your site must be hassle free, must be easily navigated with clear text.

2.Give incentives: Online shoppers love freebies. Incentivize your mobile audience and increase revenue by adding coupon codes to the mix. Make customers aware of your latest deals by utilizing text and email push-notifications. Promotions that are sent when a customer is close to a store, or has just visited a site have a greater chance of being redeemed.

  1. On-The-Go Payment: What makes e-commerce interesting is the ability to pay for purchases without restrictions. People prefer convenient transactions and brands are now keying into this need by making available online payment options for shoppers.
  2. Tap into Online Mobile Apps: The truth is that having a social media presence on apps like SnapChat, Instagram, Facebook and Periscope is very crucial to mobile marketing strategy in this century. Brands have to ensure they keep their audience using different apps. Marketers should start by establishing their brand’s message across all channels: A sharp understanding of the differing app features and the audiences that use them will be key. This will enable a targeted messaging to a particular audience.

Note; audience research is crucial to audience understanding. What should come first before choosing any app or medium should be audience understanding which can only happen through research.




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