How To Start Bakery Business And Make Huge Profit


Bread like water, is consumed by all. You hardly find anybody who does not eat bread. Bread is popular in all homes all over the world. Also, cake is a very important menu in celebrations like wedding, birthdays, among others. Therefore, the market for baked items like bread, cake and others is very wide with daily increase in demands for them.

Setting up baking business is very lucrative venture because baked foods are consumed daily by many households across the world as I earlier said. If you are very good in baking, you will never fall out of market because customers will flood your bakery and you will be overwhelmed by the demands for your baked foods.

Bakery business has minimal risks if it is run properly. So, if you are thinking of starting a small business, bakery business is one of the businesses with high yield you can start.

There are four types of bakery. They include;

1.Small retail bakery– This kind of bakery can be operated from a small shop with about two to three workers. Baked foods are usually sold to individual on site and other household in neighbourhood. Sometimes, the strength of coverage depends on your distribution abilities and how good you are.

2.In-store bakery-They usually operate in large superstores like Shoprite in Nigeria and others. Their baked foods are produced and sold in the stores.

3.Wholesale plant-This is a large bakery that produces bread and other baked items in large quantity using industrial machinery. These kind of bakery involve huge investment. They have distributors and retailers who sell their baked foods in chain stores or restaurants.

  1. Cake Shop-It is a specialized baking store. They sell mostly cakes and other deserts. They produce cakes for wedding, everyday events and personal consumption. They are everywhere in town and I can tell you that they make a lot of money. Read:Tips on how to start a small restaurant in Nigeria

List of Items needed to start a bakery business;

  1. Ovens: Ovens are in different types. There are the small and big ones with different quality and price. If you cannot afford a new one, you can buy fairly used ones in the market.
  2. Proof Boxes: You need a proof box that will ensure your bread and roll rise at the right temperature. There are different sizes of proof boxes. We have mobile box which is good for small can holds up to 20 pans and can be moved out of the way when it is not in use. we have the built-in-model which is stationery and can accommodate as much pan as you can arrange in it. It is more expensive than the mobile box.
  3. Baking sheets and racks: An average bakery needs to have at least fifteen 18” x 26” baking sheets, some round cake pans, sheet cake pans, pie pans.

4.Mixers: You will need two types of mixers which are: Planetary dough -30 to 40 capacity and counter mixer. These will give you the right mixtures which ultimately reflects in the quality of your baked items.

5.Work Tables: This need no much explanation. Tables are very important for this business because that is where you put your items etc.

6.Sinks: You will need these sinks to wash, rinse both your items and your hands. That means you must have a tap in the bakery or a hose that supplies water to the sink from outside source.

  1. You also need items like: Food display counters, slicers, scissors, scales, nylon for packaging, decorating tools, chillers, movable rack among others.
  2. Power generating set: If you operate in Africa where power is epileptic, you will need a standby power generator. The size and capacity will depend on the scale of your bakery business. Read:How to start barbecue business with small capita and make a fortune in Nigeria

In a nutshell, make sure you site your bakery in a location where you will make sales. It is advisable you locate it in a densely populated area to boost sales.

In addition, you can affiliate yourself with event managers who can always give you contracts. You can produce flyers , pamphlets and other promotional items for people to know you and what you do.



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