Watermelon Farming Can Give You Good Returns-Here Is How To Start

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According to Wikipedia, Watermelon (Citrullus lanatus var. lanatus, family Cucurbitaceae) is a scrambling and trailing vine originally from southern Africa.

Photo credit:Flickr

The popularity of watermelon fruit is overwhelming. It is a fruit love by the majority. The demand for this fruit is on the increase astronomically because of the inherent health benefits to anyone who eats it.Planting watermelon is very lucrative and can make you a lot of money during harvest. There are varieties of watermelon which includes;

The standards watermelon which is usually 20 to over 30 pounds, the baby watermelon which is smaller and weigh less pounds. Also read:How To Start Plantain Farming In Nigeria With Little Capita

We have the Black Diamond- this particular one reflects its name, it is almost black and have resistant rind, it is very sweet in taste. Others include: The bush sugar baby, Moon and Stars, Congo and  Crimson Sweet.

How To Grow Watermelon

Planting watermelon has its rules. If you want a bountiful harvest, you must adhere strictly to those rules which includes;

  1. Planting in direct sunlight: The plant loves sunlight. Make sure you plant the seeds on an area where there is direct sunlight.
  2. Plant after the last frost date

3.Add manure or fertilizer: This will enhance plenty and healthy fruits, Use a high nitrogen fertilizer until flowers form.

  1. Ensure you control pests.
  2. Plow before planting the seeds, the land area should be plowed before planting the seeds. Dig a hole that is 1.5ft wide and 1ft deep.
  3. Hydration: Watermelon plants require a lot of water to grow properly. Make sure you add water during dry season to keep the soil moist at all times.
  4. Don’t plant when the ground has snow, even the hybrid varieties won’t be able to tolerate the extreme cold. Seeds can be planted when the temperature is at mid 70s to 80s.

8 Weeding: It is necessary to get rid of all grass from the farm. This is because weeds can reduce the nutrients of your watermelon.

Watermelon matures between 80 to 100 days depending on the varieties you plant. Read:Meet The Under 30 CEO: His Engagement With Fashion And Agriculture

How to Know If Watermelon is Ripe For Harvest

  1. Tap on the fruit and listen for a dull thump
  2. If the vines are drying or the fruit base is shriveling
  3. If the underside is yellow
  4. If it stops growing: This is the common way to know.

Finally, watermelon farming is very lucrative because the demand for it is very high. It has both local and international market.


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