Take advantage of Children and Women’s’ Love To Boost Sales

A brand that captured the hearts of women and children is bound to be successful. This is because most, if not all purchase decisions by men are influenced by women and the kids.

For example, Indomie noodles and cowbell milk are popular brands in Nigeria because they understand  this strategy .They  were able to capture the hearts of children, therefore both the mother and father have no choice than to buy whenever the kids say they want it even if the parents don’t have personal  conviction about the brands. These brands have been able to swindle the minds of children towards them to the extent that other brands struggle to compete with them in that space.  Read:Building A Marketing Strategy Around Culture Can Make You Millions of Dollars

They deliberately employ strategic stories that are reality like to advertise these brands to the children. Women on the other hands are great influencers too because they are the ones that make purchase decisions while the men only provide money. As a brand, you must try to capture the hearts of these two sets of people. For example, Zealworld and Telemundo channels are made popular in Nigeria by women. TV series in the mentioned channels become subjects of discussion among women which ultimately leads men to subscribe to DSTV decoder every month just to please their wives. DSTV knows how to use these influencers to capture the heart of money spenders (men) .


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