How To start a car wash business in style and make profits In Nigeria

The same love Nigerians love for their body which culminate in incessant bathing is extended to their cars “bathing”. Some people even forget to have their bath and never forgets to wash their cars. Lol, I’m just kidding though. On a serious note, car wash is a serious business in Nigeria that is capable of generating millions of dollars for operators.

Despite the fact that there are many car wash businesses across the country, they never lack customers. It is a business where you earn daily income. The amount you earn depends on so many factors which includes; location, competence and availability of machinery.

Starting a car wash business is very easy as it is not capital intensive especially if you want to start small which I will always recommend you do. In addition, it is a business that you can do on mobile. For example, washing cars for people at their office car park is a good business. Big offices like banks, restaurants and other big cooperate have car park with lot of cars parked within. Basic tools you or your workers need to operate are duster, detergents, brushes , polish, bucket and bowl. You need good relationship with each client.

Approach car owners diplomatically, sell your service to them and you will be smiling home with good income. Talk to big companies .Approach as many as you can. If you have to wash big buses, you will need to buy a ladder. With moderate charges and excellent services, you are sure of making big money. Read:Tips For Choosing A Small-Scale Business and Pitfalls To Avoid

List Of What You Need To Set Up A Proper Car Wash Business

1.Water: This is the most important element in this business. You can either drill a borehole if you have the cash or simply make arrangement to get regular water supply from an existing water merchant using hose as connection to your washing spot.

2.Steaming machine: This is mostly used to wash the engine of the car. It is also used to spray water into legs , like under the chassis and tyres of the car or other hidden parts which water cannot easily get into if you use hands.

3.Towels and sponges: There are different types of sponges in the market. Most of them do the same thing so you dot really have to worry yourself over which is which. But the one you chose must not be abrasive. It is better to use microfiber cloths as towel so they don’t leave fibers behind on the body of the car.

4.Professional cleaning product –Professional cleaning products are many in the market. These are products specially designed to fight dirt and grime that sticks to vehicle without harming the paint and the texture of the car. You can get a lot of them in shops or departmental stores around town.

5.Brushes for the exterior and interior: There are various types of brushes. Note, you cannot use the brush for cleaning tyres for the interior of the car. These should be used when you want to go above and beyond the basic wash, including a detailing of the interior. We have brushes like ASD, A7D and brushes for calipers and spokes and the wheel and fender. They are job specific and are easily to get in the market at affordable rates.

6.Wax and sealant :If you want your car to have that sparkling look, you will need to buy some wax and sealant that you will apply by hand . You can buy the spray-on-version to make it easier for you. Sealant will protect the paint job if apply at intervals. Also sealant and wax keep dirt away from the vehicles exterior.

7.Labour/staff: Your staff strength depends on the  scale of operation you operate on. Also, it depends on the customer inflow. You will need to employ at least two people to complement your efforts.Read:How this man became a millionaire repairing cars

Finally, if you have a lot of money to invest, you can buy a drive-by washing machine to automatically wash the exterior without stress




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