Operating Mobile Toilet Can Make You A Millionaire

In the whole of Africa, there are only three major companies that are producing these toilets, two of which are based in South Africa while other one is base in Nigeria. The population of Nigeria is about 180 million and Lagos has over 18 to 20 million people as at 2017. In the same vein, Kano,Auja, Portharcourt and other major cities in Nigeria also have a lot of population. To this end, this business is bound to succeed as the number of public toilet available cannot serve the populace.
People love to party in Nigeria. We love celebration. With celebrations comes the need to eat a lot, after eating comes the need to visit toilets. When nature calls, it does not care where you are at the time or who you are. You must visit the toilet either to pea or to pass feces. There are few mobile toilet providers in this regard. Moreover, wherever they do exist, majority of them are always very filthy and not functional. Also read:How To Start Printing Business In Nigeria Without Owning an office and Printing Press .

All you need to do is either work out an arrangement with the existing manufacturer of the mobile toilets in Nigeria or just come up with your own design that is cost effective in production and services. Also read:How To start a car wash business in style and make profits In Nigeria.

Target location or events attracting large crowds and mount one there at a much reduced price; areas such as social occasions, market place, crusades , political parties, conventions among others. Also, look out for places that are crowded on a regular basis yet lacking in the provision of clean and functional toilet facilities.
Take advantage of these loopholes. As events continue to happen, the need for your service will continue to exist. The success of every business depends on the availability of market, so in this case, the market exists without any hitch.


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