Understanding Gender Patronage Can Save You From Financial Mess As Entrepreneur

By Smart Emmanuel

I was in Kokori, Ethiope East local Government area of Delta State for an event after about four years of visit. The town which became like a ghost city due to the crisis that engulfed the place in 2013 is now back to life, normalcy has returned, people who ran away have returned home and the popular Kokori market is booming again.
One thing that is popular in the state is the fact that women prefer to ride motorcycle unlike in the past when they used to ride on bicycle to anywhere they want. They use motorcycle for various functions like hawking, going to farm, running errands and any movement they want. Okada (commercial motorcycle riding) is very popular in the small town, most of the youths ride okada for a living. One thing I noticed is the low patronage of okada riders by the people. Most people who engage the services of commercial bike riding are visitors like me who came to town for one event or the other.

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This is the real essence of this article. My research has revealed to me that women in other states in Nigeria patronize okada riders more than the men. This is because women unlike like men don’t like to walk or trek as the case may be. A man can walk much distance and will never breakdown while some women who dare do same may end up in the hospital. In Kokori, the people who should patronize the okada riders have their own, they ride across town themselves on their own motorcycle, hence the low okada patronage in the town.
In a nutshell, operating as a commercial bike rider in the town is a waste of energy especially if the individual cannot ride inter-region i.e, taking passengers from one region of the state to the other which is a lot of distance and more risky too. It is important to understand gender patronage before setting up a business as I said earlier. A makeup artiste in such a place will have a very limited patronage.
As the town is coming back o life in a steady but a speedy way, a lot of rebuilding is going on . That is why I applaud the people who are currently selling building materials, cement and other building accessories. They are currently in harvest period; they make a lot of money from the unlimited patronage they get daily. There are other profitable ventures in the town like running a bakery, fixing motorcycles, running a construction company, selling of food and farming.
Finally, when you are setting up a business, ensure you do a proper analysis of the environment so as to enable you create a product/service that the people in your target environment will appreciate without hesitations.


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