How To Start Banner Production Business Without Investing Money or Have an Office

The production of banners is a very good business; it is also very profitable and cost effective as one can engage the services of a good graphic artist for the production of the visuals before the final production.

As brands continue to engage with customers through various communication strategies,- public relations in form of press conferences, advertising, exhibition and all forms of online engagements, the need for banners will continue to be on the rise year in year out.

As a Public Relations practitioner with years of experience, I know the amount my organization spends on banner production for each event we organized. We always and regularly contract banner production contract to individual who don’t necessarily have the money to pay for the production because we pay upfront before they deliver to us. You too can take advantage of this lucrative venture. All you need to do is have a good graphic artist: this singular factor can attract good patronage from good companies and individuals and can also scare people away from you. What you need to do to start is  create a contact card or call card as they call it here, start talking to organisations like Public relations agencies, event management companies,  advertising agencies , churches, political parties and other organisations and individuals that regularly make use of banners.

Although it might be tough for you to get someone who will pay all the money for the job before delivery at the beginning , you will sure get advance payment from almost all your customers because that is the custom. As time progresses after building trust through quality deliveries, customers will begin to give you all the money before production, hence you don’t need to invest a dime before making money.

The materials needed are painting brush, different colours of paints, quality cloth materials, cardboard paper, and sharp knife for spreading the cloth material. Note, the materials I mentioned above are only needed by those who want to produce the banners themselves. You don’t need them if all you do is get the contract, give it out and get paid.

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Also, you can get extra money by mounting the banners for your clients in their desired locations for a fee. Charges vary from client to client depending on the size, location and your bargaining power.

Finally, start making money now by talking to organisations or better still start with your church, mosque or association that you belong.



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