Utilise The Financial Potentials of Your Relationship To Become An Entrepreneur

Entrepreneurship is not a venture for geniuses as many people erroneously allocate. It sometimes requires identifying the goods and services your friends, neighbours, colleagues and loved ones consistently spend money on, especially those items that are unavoidable necessities. You can then research and find out how you can start supplying, producing or rendering these products or services to these people.

At the corporate level, you need to identify the direction of the budget of companies, organization, Government agencies where your loved ones or friends have considerable level of influence and power. You can research on the value they are currently getting their budgeted items for/or the price they are planning to pay for it. Once you are able to either get the same or better quality of such products at competitive rate, you stand a better chance of winning the contract for that job.

Many times, contracts for supplies of certain finished goods can be given to anybody irrespective of age, qualifications or experience because they are goods to which the suppliers add no extra value. As such, it is always good to tap into such opportunities in this direction especially wherever your friends, course mates, relatives or neigbours are in position to facilitate the award of such jobs, contracts or projects.

In a nutshell, look beyond the norm, take advantage of your relationship and the vacuum you observe in peoples’ lives and fill them with value .


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