How To Start Importation Business In Nigeria Without Leaving Your Room!

Importation business is not as difficult as many people think. Do you know you can start importation business in Nigeria without leaving your room and the goods will be shipped to you in your provided address? It is so easy. I have imported a number of things including vehicles to this country without traveling anywhere. It does not end there; you can also go into partnership with anyone in China to produce products of your choice from the same room. In this case, all you need to do is design a sample and send it by mail and they will produce it amass at very cheap rate and export to you within 30 days.

A friend of mine has made a lot of money from this venture; in his case, he goes about collecting souvenir contracts from companies and  churches: wrist band, key holders etc. He designs them  graphically and send to china for production. He has so far done such jobs for ExxonMobil Nigeria and many multinational companies without leaving Nigeria.

I know you will ask how you get the contact in China without traveling; it is very simple and easy. If you go to sites like Alibaba or Alixpress, there are contacts of manufacturers who are looking for such deals every day. Just send a mail or call them, they will definitely respond.

Also, importing things from China, using channels like Alixpress is very easy and cheap. If you want to make more profit, go for the free shipping options while buying. There are merchants who offer  free shipping for certain products across board; hence you can take advantage of that. It is also important to know that you don’t need dollars to transact business; you can pay with your Naira Master or Visa cards. Read:How to start Distribution Business In Nigeria With Ease

Another great importation opportunity to Nigeria is auction export site. This is a site where you import both savaged and repossessed cars, motorcycles, bikes/bicycles. All items sold on this site  can only be used outside the country where you buy them, hence the name auction export. I have bought about two cars on this site before and I must say they are very affordable and quite easy to buy. There are people who will help you with the importation which is calculated with the price of these cars. The only thing you need to do is go and clear the car at the port in Nigeria. It is a guaranteed and fraud free business.

What are you waiting for? start making money from importation now without any hesitation.

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