Ebola Outbreak In DRC: African Airlines In Panic Mode

Airlines operators are currently afraid of possible delay in flight operations due to the   Ebola in the Democratic Republic of Congo a fortnight ago .

African airlines lost about $2.3billion to flight cancellations and black listing of some destinations in West and Central Africa following the outbreak of Ebola in 2014.

Although there is strong hope that the World Health Organisation (WHO) has taken pre-emptive actions in collaborating with countries in the region to control the spread of the disease, but airlines are somewhat apprehensive that there would be panic if the disease spreads beyond Congo.

The operator fear that there might be repetition of what happened in 2014 outbreak which forced The Gambia national carrier, Gambia Bird, out of business while Asky, a Togo based airline, which operates largely in West and Central Africa was threatened with bankruptcy when it cut back most of its flights due to the spread of Ebola. The airline would have gone under but for the lifeline it received from Ecobank.

Also many international carriers cut back their operations to most of West and Central Africa destinations, but the most adversely affected were African carriers like Ethiopia Airlines, Arik Air, Kenya Airways, Asky, Air Coted’Ivoire, South Africa Airways and others which did not only cancel most flights to some destinations in the sub-region but some of them were not allowed to operate to European and US airports.




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