Meet An Under 30  CEO Who Owns  A Flourishing Car Tracking Company He Started “Accidentally” In Nigeria

Michael Oti

 In his mid twenties, Michael Oti  built Easy Track, a car tracking company with modern and effective equipment from scratch.  Michael’s journey to car tracking business can be described as accidental, born out of necessity.  After graduating from University of Nigeria, Nsukka,  with degree in Geology in 2012, Michael had  a sting with 9-5 job  as many Nigerian graduates  do. However, an armed robbery incident at his friend’s residence opened a new career for Michael.

Michel and his friend  bought new cars and in the process of celebration, armed robbers stormed his friend’s house and stole his Honda Accord car which was the subject of celebration at the time. After all attempts to recover the car proved abortive, an idea flashed through his mind to start tracking cars,  using GPS and that is what gave birth to EASY Track in 2016.Today, Michael is an employer of labour with two branches of his company, one located in Lagos and the other in Portharcourt.

Michael and his team

In a chat with NaijaEntrepreneur, Michael Oti says more about his journey into car tracking, acceptance and how he runs his business against  all odds in  Nigeria.

Excerpt of the interview below;

 1.Tell us a little about yourself

My name is Michael Oti, I’m from Anambra state, a graduate of Geology from the University of Nigeria Nsukka. I grew up in Port Harcourt, the 6th and last child of my parents and a Christian.

I started Easy Track in 2016, I registered my company in June 2016 with little funding. I had spent most of the money i saved on the GPS installation training which cost me a lot of money to learn this skill.

2.Tell us about Easy Track

I started my business out of necessity, because I vividly remember Valentine’s Day 2016. I had a 9-5 job as a field engineer in an indigenous company that was not paying me well and I had been saving and doing all forms of little trades and hustles to make ends meet. After many businesses I bought a Toyota Camry and a good friend of mine also had just acquired a Honda Accord. So while we were out celebrating our new cars, armed robber visited my friend’s house and robbed him. The experience changed him and while he got depressed I got an idea to go and learn how to become a GPS installer.

3.How was the starting of Easy Track like?

It was really difficult to find an academy that would teach me to become a GPS installer, and even when I found it, it cost me about two months’ salary, but I did find an academy and I got trained. After the training I contacted some companies in Hong Kong and China and I ordered sample quantities of various trackers. I installed them and soon, I started getting referrals. I soon began to get so good at the job that I employed and trained other people and we now have 6 staff and two branch offices in Lagos and Port Harcourt. It was difficult convincing people that they needed a tracker but after a demonstration they were always impressed.

4.How affordable Is are your trackers?

Our services are all affordable, to the average Nigerian and we have flexible payment plans because tracking to us is a must have for every vehicle. Our trackers can demobilize/mobilize your car with an SMS command as well as call in and listen to phone conversations going on in the car, or geo fencing or even to viewing a history of the cars locations for the past three months. So far we have not had any dissatisfied customer and our company reputation has been preserved by God and our integrity and zeal to give the best.
5.What is your opinion of Nigerian youths, any advise?

My opinion of the Nigerian youth is that they are full of ideas but lack motivation and mentors. They fail to realize that business success is hinged on meeting the needed services and making life easier for people. Life is not better abroad or for the rich, so start where you are and focus on where you want to be without being greedy or hurting people.

I would say that the Nigerian youth should not wait for their situation to change before they change their thinking. We are only as great as we can believe. For those who have jobs, use your job to raise capital for the dreams you intend to pursue, but for those who have no jobs, start something, no matter how small, do not take any loan that you cannot repay, but above all keep pushing your dream, if you push hard enough, the wheels will start turning themselves.

6 What should Government do to aid your industry growth?

To better aid my industry, I feel that the Nigerian government should consider implementing GPS policies to enhance GPS road mapping systems and also make it imperative for speed limiters and GPS trackers in all vehicles that plough the interstate highways. That way our minds can be safe even as our cars are safe on the road. Like I tell my clients, “Tracking is your best insurance, so think smart and think Easy.”

Easy Track Contacts;

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